Windsurfing - top 10 most attractive locations in Croatia


Windsurfing  is one of the most popular summer water sports. Its history dates from the beginning of the 20th century, and in 1984. it was included as an olympic sport.

Windsurfing  is one of the most popular summer water sports. Its history dates from the beginning of the 20th century, and in 1984. it was included as an olympic sport. The first mention of windsurfing in Croatia was in the late 70s. Since then up to now its popularity is increasing, which is no wonder since Croatia has ideal conditions for this sport. Winds like bora, mistral and the southern wind make it ideal to enjoy windsurfing whether you are a beginner or an experienced person. There are also numerous schools in which every year more people enroll  to learn about this modern and popular water sport. The precondition of every beginner is the ability to swim. If your swimming abilites aren't that high, there is no need to worry since everybody receives a life jacket which provides an extra sense of security. Although there are numerous locations where you can enjoy windsurfing and rent equipment, today we will present to You the top 10 most attractive locations for all windsurfing enjoyers.

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1. Pula, Premantura - according to many surfers this is the most ideal place for windsurfing. The bora and southern wind blow during spring and autumn , whereas the moderate mistral blows during summer which is ideal for beginners and relaxed surfing. It should be noted that the bora in Premantura creates no danger as it blows towards land.

2. Bol, Island Brač - the most beautiful, attractive and famous location for windsurfing.  Every year more and more surfers visit this magnificent place. The main attraction of Bol on Brač is its mega popular and one of the most beautiful beaches in the world - the Golden Horn (Zlatni Rat). In the morning the mild wind Levant blows which is perfect for beginners. In the afternoon Levant is replaced by the mistral for the south-west which is ideal experienced surfers and professionals. There is also a large number of schools in which everyone can learn the basics of windsurfing.

3. Punat i Baška, Island Krk - Baška is the perfect location for professionals since the strong bora blowing from Senj can raise the waves up to 1,5 meters. It is best to surf with short boards in those conditions.  Punat is a better location for average surfers and beginners since the sea is more calm, and the bora blows with medium strength.

4. Viganj, Peninsula Pelješac - is a small place located on the south-west part of the peninsula Pelješac, which is the 2nd most attractive and visited location for windsurfing in Croatia. It is perfect for beginners and average surfers. The mornings are characteristic because of the medium strength Levant which in the afternoon turns into the stronger mistral which is more suitable for average experienced surfers.

5. Opatija, Volosko Waters Preluka - naturally protected bay in the vicinity of Volosko and Opatija is perfect all windsurfers and fans of windsurfing because of the convient winds that blow in this area. Early morning is the best time for surfing the Tramontane blows from the north which makes no surprise that surfers start surfing at night awaiting dawn and waves. The best surfing conditions are at the beginning of autumn.

6. Rabac, Girandella and Ravni - another top destination for surfers and fans of windsurfing. A very favorable wind creates perfect conditions for windsurfing enjoyment.

7. Jadrija, Šibenik - this bathing resort near Šibenik is the favourite destination for all windsurfing lovers. The winds which blow here are more than perfect for enjoyment in surfing on a board. During autumn and spring a strong bora blows and a mediums strength souther wind that both are ideal for professionals, whereas during the summer a moderate mistral and tramontane blow which are ideal for average experienced surfers but also for beginners

.8. Ruskamen, Omiš - located only 7 kilometers away from Omiš, Ruskamen represents a wonderful tourist resort with magnificent sandy beaches and walks along the sea. Not only is Ruskamen famous for its sandy beaches but also for its favorable windsurfing conditions. Every year a more bigger number of tourists who love windsurfing  come to this place.

9. Umag, Savudrija - a small tourist settlement located in the north-west part of Istra near Umag. Because of its favorable winds it is an ideal place for windsurfing enjoyers. Due to the strong southern wind during autumn and spring it should be noted that gigantic waves appear and surfers should be on the alert.

10. Žnjanj in Split - perfect location for beginners who have the desire to learn windsurfing. During summer blows a moderate mistral whereas during spring and autumn blows a more stronger souther wind which is suitable for professionals and average experienced surfers. If you do not know how to surf, but have a strong to desire to learn, there are also top schools for beginners. Everyone is welcome.