Winter in Croatia


If You love snow, winter, skiing, sledding, snowboarding and other winter activities Croatia is the ideal location for the vacation of your dreams.

If You love snow, winter, skiing, sledding, snowboarding and other winter activities Croatia is the ideal location for the vacation of your dreams. Today we will present to you the top 5 winter tourist destinations in Croatia which have excellent offers such as accomodation, quality ski resorts, restaurants and gastronomic and oenological experiences. All of this is offered at an afforadble price which does not make paying expensive tours in Austria, Italy and other expensive winter resorts reasonable since in Croatia You can have it all! All these locations are easily accessible since all major cities are connected by a modern road network, buses and trains.

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1. Nature Park, Mountain Medvednica, Ski resort Sljeme, Zagreb

The ski resort Sljeme which is only 20 minutes away from the Center of Zagreb is an ideal location for all fans of winter activities, intact nature but also for relaxation and business meetings. Numerous ski slopes are almost 4,000 metres long. 4 ski slopes are equipped with an artifical snowmaking system so You do not have to follow the weather report so whether it will snow or not.3 ski lifts ensure the flow of around 3400 skiers an hour. You can ski during the night since all ski resorts are lighted. Precisely here have the most awarded Croatia skiers – Janica and Ivica Kostelić made their first steps. Aside from skiing, You can enjoy sledding, snowboarding and walking.The accommodation offer is exceptional since you can stay at the Tomislav dom which offers 42 rooms, saunas, massages, jacuzzi but also a congress hall for business meetings. Besides the hotel there is an apartment house Snježna kraljica which can take up to 60 guests. Since Sljeme is only 20 minutes away from the center of Zagreb, if you are not able to make a reservation on Sljeme, You can rent an apartment or room in the center of Zagreb and travel to Sljeme by public transportation since it works regularly.Zagreb also has offers for those who search exclusive accommodations such as the world's best hotels Sheraton, Hilton and numerous others. After skiing and other exhausting sport recreations You get hungry, You can find a really refreshing meal in one of the restaurants which offer rich traditional culinary delights of this climate which include beans with sausage, sljemenska gibanica, braised potatoes, turkey with dumplings, Zagorje styel strudel.If you have free time, asides from sports, You can enjoy sightseeing the city and its main attractions which are exceptionally wonderful during christmas time as everything is decorated.

2. Bjelolasica, Hrvatski olimpijski centar

The most famous and biggest skiing center in Croatia is situated in Gorski Kotor only 27 kilometers far from the city Ogulin. It is an ideal location for skiers and fans of winter sports since most of the ski slopes are 10 kilometers long, and 3 ski lifts ensure a daily capacity of 2500 skiers.Except from skiing You can enjoy snowboarding, sledding, mountaineering and other athletic recreations. If it's your first time skiing, there is a skiing and snowboarding school for all of those who wish to learn how to skii and snowboard.Numerous apartments and hotels ensure quality accommodation at very reasonable prices. In numerous restaurants You can enjoy traditional culinary delights such as Lika steak, lamb, and also home-made schnapps and mulled wine.3. Platak – the only skii resort with a view of the sea!

This little dream ski-resort is located right next to the National Park Risnjak only 30 kilometers far from city Rijeka. It is only ski resort with a beautiful view of the seas. Ski slopes are 10 kilometers long and has an artifical snowmaking system. Ski slopes are illuminated, so you can also enjoy in night skiing. Besides skiing, you can also try sledding, snowboarding, and snowmobiling. If you didn’t ski before, you can hire a private tutor or enroll in a ski school. There’s an option of renting gear if you don’t have your own.Platak also provides accommodation; two resorts, “Platak”, the bigger one, and “Sušak“, the smaller one. You can enjoy traditional delicacies, mulled wine, and rakia. Getting to Platak is simple. On a Zagreb-Rijeka highway you should depart on a node next to “Grobnik” race track, then, after 15 minutes of driving, head for the hills. 4. Krasno – a beautiful ski resort and a nature park

On a North side of Velebit lies the biggest mountain settlement in Croatia – Krasno. It is 30 kilometers far from Senj on the sea side and 20 kilometers far from Otočac on the land side. Krasno has beautiful ski slopes 1.6 kilometers long. The slopes are very gentle and are perfect for beginners and families with small children. The resort has a ski lift system and numerous restaurants. The accommodation capacity is 250. You can also rent a ski gear and hire a private tutor. Besides skiing, you can also enjoy sledding and hiking. We also recommend visiting the youngest Croatian national park Sjeverni Velebit, which is only few kilometers away from Krasno. If you want to spend your weekend skiing, Krasno is an ideal place for you!  The prices are affordable and the hosts are very friendly. You can get from Zagreb to Krasno in only 2.5 hours, because of an excellent traffic system.It should also be noted that there are no artificial snow machines, so everything depends on a natural snow. Luckily, there is a lot of it every year.

5. Plitvice Lakes – ski resort “Mukinje”

Mukinje is a part of Pltivice Lakes and it is composed of 3 ski slopes, with a total length of 1 kilometer. It is an ideal place for the beginners, amateurs and family vacations. Mukinje also has artificial snow systems and the option of renting gear. You can enjoy in night skiing, but also try sledding or doing through Plitvice Lakes. Many people say they are even more beautiful during the winter. All guests have a free parking spot. Finding accommodation is not a problem; Mukinje offers numerous hotels, villas, lodgings, and apartments.  Restaurants offer traditional delicacies such as wild game meat, grilled meat, forest fruits, and seafood. To keep you warm when it gets cold outside, try homemade rakia and mulled wine. Besides the listed ones, there are many other ski resorts in Lika and Gorski Kotar, such as Petehovac and Baške Oštarije. We also recommend visiting Fužine, Otočac, Delnice, Gospić, and Ogulin, which are and ideal places for the lovers of untouched nature, snow and good food. The offer of accommodation in all those mountain cities and settlements is excellent and affordable. Numerous hotels, apartments, villas, and lodgings will ensure you the most comfortable vacation ever. Welcome to Croatia, a true heaven for the lovers of winter and skiing!