Lika and Gorski Kotar

The continental region in Croatia bordered by the Velebit mountains (south and west), Velika Kapela (west), Mala Kapela (north) and Lika Plješivica (east). It is ideal for tourists  who want an active holiday, and also for those who do not like the Mediterranean heat. Sorrounded by high mountains and untouched nature it is ideal for hikers, alpinists, cyclists in summer and skiers in winter. Numerous rivers and rapids are ideal for kayaking and fishing. On this area there is also the most famous national park in Croatia - ''Plitvieka jezera'' (Plitvice lakes). This ''pearl of the Croatian mainland'' is included in the UNESCO protected natural areas in 1979.  Lika offers You a wide range of accomodations, rooms, pensions, hotels...

Because of the nature surrounded by mountains, forests and rivers, Lika's offerings are mainly based on alpinism, hunting and rural tourism, fishing and agrotourism. Of the larger places in Lika we reccomend Gospia, Otoeac, Lieko Lešae and Zavižan.

On one side sea, at the other side mountain and dense forests make this area specific and unique. This is a true paradise for all nature lovers, hikers and recreationists. They will enjoy in the colony of griffon vultures, blue cave, Velebit degenia... Lika's gastronomy is based on a richness of forests and waters. Numerous restaurants offer a superb game dishes, famous Lika's lamb, bear ham, mushrooms, trout, sheep's and cow's milk cheese.


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