Slavonia and Baranja - a historical region in eastern Croatia, which is situated between the Drava river in the north, Sava river on the south and Danube in the east. This is the most agriculturally developed part of Croatia. Thanks to the numerous rivers, forests, streams, this region offers a superb rural tourism and traditional hunting and fishing. Slavonio and Baranja is ideal for tourists seeking peace and tranquility.

The center of Slavonia is Osijek - the city of rich cultural and historical heritage and the largest tourist destination in this part of Croatia. When in Osijek be sure to visit The Fortress and the promenade along the Drava in Osijek, which was declared as the most beautiful promenade in Croatia and beyond. Enological and gastronomic offer is superb. Basic characteristics of the cuisine of Slavonia and Baranja are large portions of tasty and quite spicy food. So you can enjoy the Slavonian sausage, ham, cottage cheese, pickled vegetables, shepherd stew, fish stew, game but also the best barbecue. After all the delicious food you should taste a drop of finest wines and brandies.

Apart from the bigger cities of Osijek  in Slavonia and Baranja You should visit: Vukovar, Vinkovci, Slavonski Brod, Požega, Daruvar, Nova Gradiška, Županja, Đakovo and Našice. Slavonia and Baranja also offer a superb accommodation starting from hotels and guest houses to apartments and rooms.



Kneževi Vinogradi

Kopački Rit

Lonjsko polje


Slavonski Brod